Battalion 1944 developer ends partnership with Square Enix

Battalion 1944 began as a collaboration between two studios, which merged to form Bulkhead Interactive. A multiplayer first-person shooter set during World War II, Battalion 1944 was meant to challenge Duty calls and The battlefieldwith the developer hoping to “revive the old-school FPS for the next generation. Even after securing Square Enix as the game’s publisher, that’s not quite how things ended up.

In 2016, Bulkhead launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Battalion 1944 and met with unexpected success, reaching its funding goal in just three days and going on to raise approximately $375,000. However, part of the campaign’s success was due to the developer’s promise to eventually release PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game to follow the 2019 PC – the release. To this day, backers are still waiting to play Battalion 1944 on the console.


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It seems that will never happen. On August 9, Bulkhead Interactive announced that they have cut ties with Square Enix and will release a new version of the game called Battalion: Legacy August 16. The new iteration will be free to play, down from $19.99 for Battalion 1944, and will be available on Steam. Additionally, all console Kickstarter backers will receive a refund, and the message ended by thanking the game’s fans for their support and apologizing for leaving everyone hanging for so long.

As of the announcement, it is not entirely clear why Bulkhead decided to part ways with Square Enix. However, right after the sentence announcing the split, the company said: “We want to start this exciting new chapter where we started, focusing on the players.” It may hint at the possible conflict between the publisher and the developer of the World War II multiplayer game.

On Battalion 1944 Steam site, there is a new developer update that expands what players can expect from the new Heritage launch of the game. It will be the “revisited and final version” of Battalion 1944, suggesting that players should not expect any further updates to the game. Bulkhead has added another faction, new weapons and a game mode called Search & Destroy. There has also been an overhaul of the game’s graphics and user interface, and a server browser has been implemented to make it easier to find or host matches.

Although it may be disappointing for some to hear that there will be no console version Battalion 1944 many players probably won’t be surprised to hear that. The game launched three years ago with no updates from Bulkhead on the status of the PS4 and Xbox One ports. Currently, Battalion 1944 has a mixed review on Steam, and many of the reviews call for a free-to-play version of the game, so at least some players will be satisfied with the change. In the meantime, that’s enough Medal of Honor and Duty calls game for Battalion 1944 fans to play on console.

Battalion: Legacy launches for PC on August 16, 2022.

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