Controversial Pokémon feature may return in Scarlet and Violet

Very few details have been confirmed about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but one rumor suggests that a controversial Sword and Shield feature will return.

Pokemon is undoubtedly one of the most iconic franchises in all of gaming, as it is a household name among even non-gamers. Many players grew up on Pokemonand to this day, continue to play every generation and game that comes out. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the new set of games, and when they’re released in November, there’s reason to see old and new fans alike flocking to them.

However, this presence in the industry is not without its drawbacks. Some Pokemon fans believe the games are too heavily marketed and designed for children, even though they are touted as family-friendly at their core. Many fans think so Pokemon games have become too simple, hold players’ hands throughout, and have not evolved with the times, potentially evidenced by the fact that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the first open world games in 9 generations. All of this is up for debate, of course, but one controversial element of the “Pokemon games are too easy” debate may be receding once again.


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The EXP share has long been part of Pokemon video games, beginning as a way to give extra experience to a single Pokémon and eventually Sun and moon become an interchangeable way of giving all Pokemon in the party XP. Pokemon Sword and Shield included the EXP share as well, but in what amounted to tons of controversy, it couldn’t be turned off for anyone who chose it. The latest remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl didn’t allow to turn it off either. Now, rumors suggest that EXP stock will return Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which comes as no surprise, but it seems it can’t be turned off either. This means that it will probably work as it did in Pokemon Sword and Shield and BDSP.

A recent tweet by Pokemon B/W Lekker Blaines suggests that EXP is “forced on by default”, and while this doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be turned off, it strongly suggests it. The writing was already on the walls. With EXP Share being forced into Pokemon Sword, Shield, Brilliant Diamondand Shining gemthere’s really no way it won’t be a permanent mechanic in the new generation.

It should be noted that the EXP proportion’s impact on Pokay Scarlet and Violetits open world will be interesting to watch, unlike the guided adventures of the previous titles. It looks like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet does not have level scaling, and because of this, perhaps the EXP share will find a fairer use and a better reception in the new generation of games. Fans should keep in mind that this is just a rumor for now, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it proven legitimate.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launches November 18 on Nintendo Switch.

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