Creepy deep-sea ‘vanilla Vader’ wood louse is 25 times larger than a land louse

A photo of the newly identified Bathynomus yucatanensis from a single, 10-inch-long (26 cm) specimen. (Image credit: Ming-Chih Huang, Journal of Natural History)

A colossal, creamy-yellow woodlice relative that bears a vague resemblance to Darth Vader has been discovered deep beneath the ocean’s surface in the Gulf of Mexico, a new study shows.

With a length of more than 26 centimeters, the creature is 2,500% larger than ordinary rolypoles, or woodlice (Oniscus asellus) who have been found chewing on rotting the case in most people’s backyards. This blond behemoth is the latest addition to a group of about 20 deep-sea crustaceans in the genus Bathynomus which lives in the bottom zone, the deepest parts of the sea, according to a statement (opens in a new tab).

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