Dead by Daylight killer Pyramid Head criticized by Silent Hill designer

The Dead by Daylight killer Pyramid Head has been discussed and debated by the Silent Hill designer behind the original character, who suggests that an altered version of the monster should be a DBD killer in Behavior Interactive’s asymmetrical multiplayer horror game.

Masahiro Ito, art director for Silent Hill 2, and a monster designer for the first trilogy of Silent Hill games, suggests that an alternate version of Pyramid Head could be used as a Dead by Daylight killer, due to the fact that the original design of the monster was created specifically to relate to Silent Hill 2’s protagonist, James Sunderland. In Silent Hill 2 – one of the best horror games – Pyramid Head is a dark reflection of James’ psyche, reflecting his anger and bitterness towards his wife.

The monster is only supposed to exist as part of James’ imagination and emotional struggle, and so it doesn’t make sense, in terms of lore, that it would come chasing after Stranger Things’ Steve Harrington, or Bill from Left 4 Dead.

However, Ito has created an alternate version of Pyramid Head, where the titular pyramid is changed from the typical blood-and-rust red, to a more neutral matte white.

This iteration of the character was supposedly developed in response to Silent Hill: Homecoming and the 2005 film adaptation of Silent Hill, which used the original design much to Ito’s frustration – as the monster was only supposed to haunt and stalk James, serving as a metaphor. due to his psychological state, its appearance in other Silent Hill media prompted Ito to create a more generic Pyramid Head that would still appeal to fans, without contradicting the series’ fiction. Ito says that using this version – nicknamed the White Hunter – instead of the original “James” Pyramid Head is something they would “welcome” as a DBD killer.

“The original PH was a character I designed for James,” says Ito. “But this [White Hunter] was another pyramid head that was not for James originally. For me, if the white PH joins DBD as a killer, it’s more than welcome, because I designed it for that use.”

If we look at all the Dead by Daylight killers ranked from best to worst, Pyramid Head, or the Executioner as it’s known in the game, lands somewhere in the middle, so a small cosmetic change like changing a color is unlikely to raise much ire from fans – in fact, it would be a nice tip of the (pyramid-shaped) hat to a major horror series, and a respected monster designer. You can see the full White Hunter design at Ito’s Twitter.

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