Deported Albanian criminals illegally return to UK amid migrant crisis

Violent Albanian criminals are illegally returning to the UK after being deported as boat migrants from the country increase.

Violent Albanian criminals, some of whom have previous convictions for drug-trafficking and firearms-related offences, are illegally returning to Britain after being deported, British officials have claimed.

It comes as the number of migrants from the Muslim-majority state crossing the channel has increased, with the nationality making up a majority of those who have crossed illegally from France on small boats in recent weeks, with a record number of boat migrants more usually making the crossing on Monday.

In accordance The Telegraphof these Albanians illegally entering the UK, some of them are criminals who have previously been deported by UK authorities, with the publication reporting that at least five dangerous Albanian criminals had returned to continue their criminal operations.

This includes alleged gangster Mauricio Myftara, who was jailed after being found in the UK once again with two loaded guns and £70,000 (~$82,000) worth of cannabis, as well as Xhenson Duka, who was apprehended in the country with a knife and £ 10,000 (~$12,000) of cocaine despite the fact that they have also previously been deported.

A migrant found to have returned to Britain illegally is believed to be still at large in the country, after a British judge released him from London magistrates despite his alleged role in a shooting in Albania.

“Deported foreign criminals who attempt to return to the UK should be in no doubt that they will face the full weight of the law,” reports a UK Home Office spokesman. The Telegraph so to speak in relation to the situation.

The spokesman went on to say that under the recently passed Nationality and Borders Act, those found in the UK could find themselves jailed for up to five years for re-entering the country illegally.

It is unknown how many, if any, violent criminals from Albania use the route to re-enter the UK.

While the British authorities certainly talk big when it comes to cracking down on illegal migrants, they have so far failed to get a handle on the crisis.

Indeed, migrants from Albania currently appear to be running circles around the authorities, with migrants from the country reportedly claiming to be victims of modern-day slavery to prevent officials from booting them out of the UK.

“Illegal migrants who have traveled to the UK from safe countries have sought modern slavery referrals, which has prevented and delayed their removal or deportation,” a Whitehall source previously said of the situation, before demanding the loophole be closed “quickly.” and for good”.

Recent reports indicate that as many as four in ten migrants crossing illegally into the UK via the Channel are from Albania, despite around 99 per cent of would-be refugees from the safe country having their asylum applications rejected.

Meanwhile, Albanian criminals still represent the largest single population of foreign criminals in UK prisons.

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