EXCLUSIVE: Democrat candidate claims assisted suicide can be ‘correct and ethical’ for terminally ill children

Michigan Democratic congressional candidate Robert Lorinser argued that it could be “right and ethical” for children suffering from a “terminal illness” to receive a medically assisted suicide, according to a Facebook post obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“[S]It’s a hard thing – DYING,” Lorinser, who is running to unseat Republican Rep. Jack Bergman in November and is also a doctor, wrote on Facebook on Oct. 20, 2018. “Children are harder than dying after a long life. Call it medically assisted dying – I like it. When, who, how – the devil is in the details.”

“Calling it suicide or murder is definitely negative and ‘wrong’. [sic] Calling it medically assisted dying can hide the problem. A suffering child with a fatal disease say within weeks or months can be right and ethical. I think so,” Lorinser wrote in the post, which has since been made private, and thus shielded from public view.

Medically assisted suicide is the process in which a patient agrees that a doctor can end their life often by administering a lethal dose of drugs. (RELATED: Activist doctors fight to legalize assisted suicide in Massachusetts)

Lorinser, who is the medical director of the Marquette County Health Department in Michigan, was responding to a 2018 article in the Daily Wire titled “HORROR: Toronto Hospital Preps Assisted Suicide For Children, Might Not Inform Parents.” The article is about doctors at a Canadian hospital who launched plans to allow those under 18 to have medically assisted suicide “in the near future”.

“Not anyway when the docs start this action without even contacting parents,” one Facebook user, whose name DCNF has changed for their privacy, responded to Lorinser. “Murder.”

Diane Coleman, president and CEO of Not Dead Yet, a disability rights group that opposes the legalization of assisted suicide, told DCNF that the practice is a form of “discrimination.”

“It’s discrimination because people with chronic health conditions and disabilities, whether they’re labeled as terminal or not, are devalued in society,” Coleman said.

Screenshot/Facebook/Bob Lorinser

Lorinser advanced unopposed in the Aug. 2 Democratic primary for Michigan’s 1st Congressional District. The district is “solidly Republican,” according to Politico, and a Democratic member has not been elected there since 2008.

“Dr. Fauci wannabe Bob Lorinser sincerely believes he is God, and this revelation further proves that point,” a campaign spokesman for Bergman told DCNF. “Democrats in the First District continue to run terribly radical and flawed candidates.”

“Last election cycle they put up a wife beater, and now the same team is putting up a doctor with views so radical they would make Dr. [Jack] Kevorkian blushing,” the spokesman said, alluding to Dana Ferguson, a Democrat who ran in 2020 against Bergman and was arrested for allegedly assaulting his ex-wife. “Bob Lorinser should retire from the race in shame.”

Lorinser’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment.

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