Fallen Dynasty can be compared to Bloodborne

The Soulslike genre is still going strong in the 2020s with big hits like Nioh 2 and Fire Ring. With Hollow Knight: Silk Season over the horizon and much more indie to sift through, the format was pioneered by FromSoftware’s Demon’s Souls continues to delight a growing community. FromSoftware itself might take a break from the Souls formula if Armored core rumors turn out to be true, but Bloodborne fans are still hopeful that Sony will do something about one of the developer’s most popular titles. Meanwhile, after the success of Nioh series and some further experimentation i Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy OriginTeam Ninja moves on to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.


Details on this project are scarce so far, but it is expected to continue the studio’s Soulslike streak initiated by Nioh. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty takes place in Romance of the Three Kingdoms setting also heavily drawn on by Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors. As Nioh, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty takes place during real, if embellished, historical events infused with demons and various other supernatural elements. Bloodborne producer Masaaki Yamagiwa has teamed up with Fumihiko Yasuda, the producer of Niohto work on this game, and links to their previous work are evident.

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Similarities between Wo Long and Bloodborne

One of the first points of comparison one can draw between Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and Bloodborne is how they relate to the developers’ previous games. Bloodborne was a slightly experimental title that came after the first two Dark souls game. It changed the setting from a dark medieval fantasy to one of gaming’s most successful Gothic and Lovecraftian horror locales. Equivalent, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty moving from Japan’s Sengoku period to the Han dynasty that inspired Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Nioh and Fallen Dynasty are much more visually comparable, but the shift is still there.

The same can be said about the gameplay. Players don’t have a complete picture of what regular matches and progression will look like Wo Long: Fallen Dynastybut chances are it’s still a Soulslike. Bloodborne was the same way, but it pioneered FromSoft’s faster-paced Souls combat. Aggression was encouraged through the health-regenerating rally mechanic, and players could keep up the offense by switching between two weapon forms at any time. It sounds like Wow long will upgrade Niohits three stances and shrouded state to five fighting styles, and a morale mechanic of sorts involves defeating stronger enemies. Wow long could set the pace for Team Ninja’s future Soulslike offerings.

How Wo Long and Bloodborne Contrast

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has various features common among Soulslike titles. The game features an unnamed militia soldier, possibly a custom character, who is referred to as Wo Long – or a crouching dragon. Like the Good Hunter and many chosen undead before them, this soldier is a nobody who will rise to greatness. To do this, they must fight through hordes of soldiers, madmen, monsters and combinations of the three.

Little else is known about Wo Long: Fallen Dynastyso further comparisons with Bloodborne must wait. The game’s settings are both quite different, like Bloodborne‘s people have almost all fallen victim to mutations or madness at the hands of the Great Ones. Fallen Dynasty, meanwhile, takes place during an important period of political maneuvering in China. For as much havoc as the demons will bring, fighting mortals will be just as important—and possibly even more dangerous. Regardless, those looking for their next Soulslike fix should keep an eye out Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty as it continues to march towards release next year.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be released in early 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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