Halo Infinite Leak Reveals Falcon Vehicle

It is hardly a secret that there is a lot going on Halo Infinite behind the scenes, especially now that the co-op campaign mode is out in beta and Forge Mode is coming out soon. However, these big additions aren’t the only things that seem to be coming Infinite at this point, and certain smaller bits and pieces of content are already being shown by data miners.

One of these Halo Infinite bits and pieces appear to be UH-144 Falcon rotorcraft, as a data miner has discovered what appears to be an extremely early rendering of the vehicle. Although this doesn’t necessarily directly confirm that the Falcon dropship will eventually become a viable vehicle in the past Hello the game, the condition of the model is very curious.


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According to the Halo Leaks Twitter account, the computer-mined version of the UH-144 Falcon is actually very similar to the outdated, remnant version of the vehicle from Halo 4. It’s a blocky, low-detail rendering of the vehicle, but one that unmistakably features the Falcon’s distinct silhouette. The specific Halo Leaks screenshot also shows the previously leaked one Halo Infinite Bulldog DMR, but this time without its classic scope.

While the current state of Halo Infinite leaves a lot to be desired, 343 Industries certainly seems to be juggling quite a few upcoming content releases in the backend. Aside from massive additions like the co-op campaign and Forge Mode, Falcon and the Bulldog could either end up as small-scale content updates or part of a significant tier of DLC. If that’s what 343 is preparing these items for, they could end up being part of the first big Halo Infinite expansion pack at last.

With Halo Infinite still missing a number of weapons from Hello, it’s no wonder that 343 Industries is looking to slowly reintroduce a number of old classics into the mix. Now that production files are also available for vehicles, such as the Falcon itself, it’s possible that the developer could work on adding other assorted gear and vehicles to the game as well.

Of course, it’s also worth pointing out, since this model is so similar to the one that was available in Halo 4, 343 may simply have imported it for another purpose. It’s not guaranteed that the Falcon will actually be developed as a drivable vehicle, and it will work just fine as a piece of distant window in its current state. With all the other features Halo Infinite players are waiting for, the addition of a Falcon seems relatively simplistic after all.

Halo Infinite is now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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