Hasan has “basically given up my intellectual property completely”

Popular streamer HasanAbi recently clarified his position on fan channels and websites, including those that monetize his work. According to the content creator, HasanAbi has “basically given up my intellectual property completely.”

While some streamers are known to protect their work by sending takedown requests, HasanAbi has always been pretty lenient with his followers, but the content creator has remained largely silent about what his fans are allowed to create or distribute, at least until now. HasanAbi is apparently fine with people using his intellectual property for just about any purpose, the streamer’s only request is that in cases where his content is monetized, a backlink is expected as a favor.


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“I run for all my fan channels,” HasanAbi said in a stream. “YouTube took down a bunch of the fan channels including Daily Dose of HasanAbi and stopped monetizing them.” The creator went on to say that “I talked to my YouTube account manager and I said ‘no, I want them to be able to continue making money.’ I want them to do whatever the hell they want.” HasanAbi added that “I don’t mind their existence. I encourage it. I’ve basically given up my intellectual property completely.”

HasanAbi believes that fan channels and websites are actually beneficial to his brand because they showcase a lot of his content. He just wants followers to include a link back to his Twitch page and his social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram, especially in cases where money is involved. The influencer fully endorses YouTube channels Daily Dose of HasanAbi and HasanAbi Productions, both of which credit him as a content creator.

HasanAbi has recently been in the news for his criticism of the latest trend on Twitch, gambling streams. Stake has been at the center of this ongoing controversy ever since xQc started handing out promotional codes to the online casino. “A lot of these sites, Stake and all of them, if they have a code, if you offer a code, it means that Stake tracks all of your losses and you get a percentage of your losses to your fan base,” Hasan previously explained. “It’s literally the truth. That’s how fucking bad it is. They let you in on it. They let you in on the losses of your fucking fan base.”

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