HBO Max and Discovery Plus will merge in 2023

HBO Max and Discovery Plus will merge in 2023

North America and Latin America in 2023, and everywhere else you can currently get HBO Max in 2024.

It’s been a bit of a tumultuous week for Warner Bros, and a pretty nerve-wracking week for anyone eagerly anticipating some of the studio’s upcoming projects. To cap off the week, the company has revealed plans to merge its streaming services, HBO Max and Discovery+, into one that will launch this time next year.

Warner Bros. Discovery announced the merger plans and initial details during an earnings call on Thursday (via IGN). The new combined streaming service, whose name was not mentioned, will launch in North America at some point during the summer of 2023. The service will then expand to Latin America in the fall, parts of Europe where HBO Max is currently. available in early 2024, and then other regions later that year.


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“Putting all the content together was the only way we saw to make this a viable business,” explained Warner Bros. Discovery’s President of Global Streaming and Games JB Perrette. Perrette added that the goal is for the service to offer something for everyone in the household. Something that has come somewhat under inflammation since the call when it was revealed Warner Bros. believes HBO Max has a “male bias” while Discovery+ appeals more to women.

What wasn’t discussed is exactly what this new hybrid streaming service will be called, although it was hinted several times during the call that the HBO name will be dropped entirely. There will apparently be ad-free and ad-supported options available, and Perrette adds that they will look at options for customers interested in the “free, ad-supported space” in the future. No pricing was mentioned, but it was confirmed that Discovery+ subscribers will eventually have to pay more than they do now when the rollout begins.

Warner Bros. has faced some backlash this week after it unceremoniously canceled the nearly finished Batgirl movie. While the finer details of why this happened are somewhat complex, it appears that the film’s budget grew larger than expected as the higher-ups argued over whether to release it exclusively on HBO Max or get a theatrical release. The sudden rash moves made by Warner Bros. this week had some fears about the future of MultiVersus, especially after the first season was delayed with very little notice. Apparently, the game will be unaffected by anything going on behind the scenes.

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