Insane Portal Speedrunner sets a new world record

Insane Portal Speedrunner sets a new world record

Despite being a short game overall, people have found ways to make the playthrough even faster, with one player achieving a new record.

There are those in the gaming community who like to challenge themselves, often by trying to speed through a game as fast as they can. Often this is done with goodness in mind. With Summer Games Done Quick raising more than $3 million last month, speedrunning is very much alive and well. There are so many titles to choose from when it comes to running. One of these is Valve’s 2007 puzzle masterpiece Portaland even though it’s already a pretty short game, there are those who can run through it insanely fast.


Take the runner Ethan29, who not long ago was able to achieve a new world speed record in the Portal, coming to the end in less than six minutes, with the actual time down to 5:55:320. It’s an eye-watering performance, beating number two by mere milliseconds. The category they ran for this is “out of bounds”. This means runners can find ways to break through the physical properties of a game’s world, such as walls and floors, to shave off precious frames. Watching the video shows the insane precision and speed with which Ethan29 moves.

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Not too long ago, user Shizzal set the record by running through Portal in 5:56, which is still insane. At the time of writing, this is now number three, and it remains to be seen whether this latest world record holder will be knocked off the mantelpiece. It also shows that this is a game that is more than suitable for those who want to try a run. As mentioned earlier, the base experience is already quite short, lasting around two and a half to three hours depending on the player, so to see it defeated in less than six minutes shows the sheer skill and dedication of some people.

As for the game itself, Valve’s puzzle series briefly returned to the limelight then Portal: Companion Collection surprise launched on Switch a few weeks back. This edition comes with both Portal game, marking the developer’s first launch on a Nintendo console.

As great cooperative games for family game night, Portal and Portal 2 has received much praise over the years. Both were well received on their respective releases, and continue to be enjoyed today. Many have noted not only the puzzles themselves, but also the overall story, the character development of the first game’s protagonist GLaDOS, as well as the amazing voice acting from JK Simmons, who played the disembodied Cave Johnson in the sequel.

Portal: Companion Collection is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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