Lombardo Blasts NV Gov. Steve Sisolak Over ‘Anti-Police Rhetoric’

Republican Republican governor’s nominee Sheriff Joe Lombardo blasted Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) over his “anti-police rhetoric” after the governor suggested Lombardo is not doing his job as sheriff.

“Do your job,” Sisolak tweeted on Lombardo in response to a post about Las Vegas’ crime problem.

Lombardo, the Clark County Sheriff, blasted Sisolak for his “abhorrent” rhetoric. He tweeted:

Your anti-police rhetoric is despicable. My officers put their lives on the line for the people of Las Vegas and Clark County every single day. It is sickening that you have the audacity to attack us, when you are the one who has forced your radical soft-on-crime agenda on Nevadans.

John Abel, director of state affairs for the Las Vegas Police Protective Association, also criticized Sisolak for his comments.

“@SteveSisolak suggesting the sheriff is not doing his job also means the police are not doing their job. This is absolutely the furthest thing from the truth. Maybe you should verify the facts before sending this despicable tweet,” Abel tweeted.

Lombardo also pointed out that Sisolak adopted guidelines that provide lower sentences for certain criminals.

“You raised the bar for crime. You have my officers issue citations instead of arrests. You lowered the penalties for fentanyl and drug dealers. You took away harsher sentences for career criminals,” Lombardo tweeted. “You did, Steve. And you left the Nevada police to clean up your mess.”

Lombardo pointed to several examples of the governor’s soft-on-crime policies when speaking in more depth about his criticism of Sisolak.

Lombardo told the Nevada Globe:

The statutes in AB 236 related to sentencing and punishment related to drug trafficking, burglary and theft. The legislative body reduced felonies to misdemeanors, and this has made it very difficult to make an arrest in that area. The legislature tied our hands in our ability to make an arrest in violation of the criminal law. In my opinion, it’s very frustrating for us to answer a call from a person in distress and not be able to do anything about it or hold a person accountable for the actions they took in a crime scene.

The Republican gubernatorial hopeful also pointed to the increased threshold for theft as another example of Sisolak’s soft-on-crime policies.

“The threshold for theft was raised from, I think, $850 to $1,200. You hear people opining about the $950 threshold in CA and businesses being put out of business as a result of that action. But here in Nevada it’s even worse, Lombardo said.

“People are very frustrated and looking for help, but the most we can do is issue a citation. We don’t have the ability to make arrests in this room. And when thugs see this, and their communication network kicks in, crime increases,” he continued .

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