Meghan Markle’s $25M Spotify Podcast Debut Slammed By Critics

Meghan Markle’s debut podcast released on Tuesday, tied to her deal with streaming giant Spotify and reportedly worth $25 million, received an overwhelming response from critics and some members of the public alike.

As Breitbart News reported, Prince Harry’s wife used the episode to focus on herself and through it address a host feminist talking point, launching with a story about how she got multinational Procter & Gamble to change an ad to be less sexist after sending them a letter about it. She stated that she was 11 years old at the time.

She then promised, as Breitbart reported, that the podcast series will overall “tear apart the boxes women have been placed in for generations” by examining labels like “slut,” “diva” and the so-called “b-word,” explaining that “feminist ideology trickled down … into every aspect of my life.”

In a wide-ranging discussion with guest Serena Williams that followed, titled “The Misconception of Ambition,” Meghan went on to argue how being labeled “ambitious” hurt her feelings with the pain contributing to past disappointments with the British royal family.

She said she never “personally remembers feeling the negative connotation behind the word ambitious, until I started dating my now husband” and revealed the “pain” she has suffered later when she was single.

The former actress added: “And apparently, ambition is a terrible, terrible thing. For a woman, according to some, it is. So since I felt the negativity behind it, it’s very difficult to feel it.”

Royal commentator Angela Levin was quick to point out the hypocrisy of the statements, suggesting that Markle “would still be a D-list celebrity if she hadn’t married a prince” Daily mail reports.

She added that Meghan had come across as both “ungrateful and a victim” as she had “so many chances that others didn’t”, adding that many royals are ambitious and have been successful both in their own careers and in terms of obtaining money to charities.

Many took to social media and said yes.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told the outlet of his bewilderment at her approach.

He told MailOnline: ‘She undoubtedly feels she has been singled out. The interview was about The Misconception of Ambition, but the implication here is that after dating Harry, she feels she was picked on. She was ambitious beforehand and did well in Suits, but it’s not prime-time TV.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with being ambitious and being a royal, in fact the role positively encourages a member of the royal family to be ambitious to help those in need. Diana was very ambitious, her charity work and her public profile were synonymous, to ultimately ill-fated, but she did tremendously well.”

The view from Down Under was similar.

The Australian The paper’s Sophie Elsworth said Meghan Markle is a “narcissist of the highest order” and the first episode of her podcast was “absolutely terrible”.

“This woman just won’t give up,” she told Sky News Australia. “I just feel so sorry for the Queen who has her share of her family.”

The podcast comes before Harry and Meghan return to England next month for events in Manchester and London before heading to Germany.

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