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Minecraft Desert Home

The Minecraft fan creates an incredibly detailed desert home

A Minecraft player shows off a grand and beautiful home that they built and richly decorated in the game’s desert biome.

MultiVersus Reindog

MultiVersus Fan designs their own alternate skins for Reindog

A MultiVersus fan is sharing a series of custom skins they made for the game’s only original character, the lovable Reindog.

Pokemon Ninetails Birthday Card

Pokemon fan gets a cute Ninetales card from their mom for their birthday

A Pokemon fan shows off an awesome birthday card they received from their mom featuring the fire-type pocket monster Ninetales.

Pokemon Gengar Gameboy Macro

Pokemon fan shows impressive Gengar-themed Game Boy Macro XL

A Pokémon fan shows off an incredibly custom-made Game Boy Macro XL featuring the Ghost-type pocket monsters Haunter and Gengar.

Elden Ring Lucky

Clip shows incredibly lucky Elden Ring player

An Elden Ring player shows off a clip showing them being chased by a number of enemies and surviving the situation by sheer luck.

Pokemon Braviary regional variant

Artist designs regional variant for Gen 5 Pokemon Braviary

An artist shows off artwork they created of a regional variant for the Normal/Flying type Braviary from Pokemon Black and White.

Skyrim Yeti

Skyrim fan’s father creates impressive logo design on Yeti Cup

An Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim fan shows off a 12oz Yeti mug with the game’s logo freehand drawn by their artist father.

Pokemon Route 2

Pokemon fan builds route 2 from LEGO bricks

A Pokemon fan shows off his LEGO version of Route 2 from Pokemon Red and Blue as they continue to build the Kanto region out of blocks.

Pokemon Ghost trainer

Pokemon Fan Art Shows Ghost-Type Trainer complete with Ghost Eevee Evolution

A Pokemon fan shows art they drew featuring a Ghost-Type trainer and their party, complete with their rendition of a Ghost Eeveelution.

Stray Glitch

Weird Stray Glitch gets the cat stuck on the ground

A Stray player shows off a strange bug they found in the game where the cat got stuck on the ground in a strange position.

Mass Effect Murder

Cute Mass Effect Fan Art Turns Mordin into a Salamander

A Mass Effect fan shows off a piece of artwork by their girlfriend that imagines what scientist Mordin would look like as a salamander.

Pokemon Shiny 2

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan designs shiny versions of new Pokemon

A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan shows off his take on the shiny versions of the newest pocket monsters coming in Generation 9.

Pokemon Ditto and Bulbasaur

Cute Pokemon animation shows ditto transforming into Bulbasaur

A creative Pokemon fan shows off a simple animation they created that demonstrates the process of transforming Ditto into Bulbasaur.

Elden Ring table top

The Elden Ring gets a tabletop RPG

It has been announced that an Elden Ring tabletop RPG is on the way, and will be handled by the company that made the Dark Souls tabletop RPG.

Skyrim tour

Skyrim video shows why running around Dragonsreach in Whiterun is dangerous

An Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim video shows that it’s not safe to run around the upper floors of Dragonsreach, as accidents do happen.

Fire Ring Beast

Elden Ring Clip shows heartbreaking loss to Elden Beast Boss

A short Elden Ring video shows a player coming incredibly close to beating the Elden Beast boss, only to suffer a last-minute defeat.

Pokemon Eevee watercolor

Pokemon fan shows off cute watercolor painting of Eevee

A Pokemon fan shows off a beautiful watercolor painting of the normal pocket monster Eevee from the original Pokemon Red and Blue.

Minecraft Warden prison

Creative Minecraft player creates complex guard cell

A clever Minecraft player shows off a complex containment cell they built designed to keep Warden enemies imprisoned.

Pokemon Legos

Pokemon Fan Remakes Kanto Region With LEGO Bricks

A Pokemon fan is building the Kanto region from Pokemon Red and Blue out of LEGO bricks, starting with Pallet Town with a place for recreation.

Animal Crossing Danny DeVito

AI Image Generator shows what Danny DeVito would look like as Animal Crossing Villager

An AI image generator develops images of what actor Danny DeVito would look like as a villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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