MLB The Show needs to revamp its merchandising logistics

Although it is regarded as one of the better sports video games, MLB The Show has flaws like any other game. One of these MLB The Show Issues that could be fixed to improve gameplay are the trade logistics, as it can be far too easy for players to acquire a star-studded lineup that allows them to dominate the game in and out.

Changing the trading logistics is a big project that will take a complete overhaul of how franchise mode works, but it’s a risk worth taking. MLB The Show faces the same challenges as baseball as a whole. As the baseball-loving demographic ages out of video games, The show fighting to draw the eyes of players away from other sports franchises and back to baseball. Renewing trade logistics will be a step in the right direction.


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Underrated prospects

Incorrect player evaluations are at the heart of the flawed trading system. MLB The Show‘s trade places too much emphasis on veterans, and not so much on the prospects being acquired. When we look at any MLB transaction over the last 20 years, good players are almost always acquired with a collection of young minor leaguers, not other guys in the majors. On the flip side, it’s incredibly easy for a user-controlled team to acquire the best prospects in baseball. Players can often flip a mid-level veteran for a prospect that a real MLB team would never trade away.

Switching to a more MLB realistic trading system will require an overhaul of The showits current system. Under the current construction, teams can only trade in three players at a time The showmeaning that many of the larger transactions players want to make are completely unavailable to them.

A good example of the flawed system lies in the real life Juan Soto trade from last week. Juan Soto is one of the best outfielders in the MLB The Show, making it one of the most intriguing transactions in recent MLB history. In that trade, the Washington Nationals sent Soto to the San Diego Padres in exchange for a collection of six MLB prospects. Under The Show’s current system, that trade would be impossible for two reasons. The first is the number of players traded; the second is that the trade would never be approved The show because of that includes only undervalued prospects. There should never be a trade that happens in real life that wouldn’t be possible in a video game, as it takes the fun out of the experience.

Team situations

MLB The Show will also benefit from taking into account team situations. If teams are contending for the World Series title, it’s pretty unlikely they’ll trade away someone considered part of their core. However, the current system does not take into account team situations in any way, as all players are considered equal in that position.

The NBA 2K franchise has already figured out a good way to implement this situation. In MyTeam and MyGM modes, the game dubs the highest ranked NBA 2K players on title contending teams as completely untouchable. Additionally, in the MyGM mode, players are occasionally given challenges from the team owner, which require acquiring better players or trading away good players in order to get a high draft pick. Ignoring the owner means that 2K players may eventually be fired as their relationship with the owner deteriorates.

MLB The Show doing a lot right. The Road to the Show is one of the best single player career modes in sports games and it’s exciting to build the best Diamond Dynasty team. But, The show should not forget that Franchise mode is where it has made its money from the beginning. Revamping the trade logistics is the first step towards bringing Franchise to the level of the other game modes.

MLB The Show 22 is now available for PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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