MultiVersus may add a major new Battle Pass feature

Given that Player First Games’ MultiVersus is still in beta, the game may see several changes before the official release and may look very different as it develops. One MultiVersus rumors suggest that the live service model of the game will see a major new feature brought to the battle pass system.

According to a MultiVersus computer miner known as AisulMV, the battle pass system may get a major tweak in a future update that will link two accounts together. Like many other live service games that offer match passes such as Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzoneand Halo Infinite, MultiVersus has both a free and paid system that rewards fans for playing the game. The MultiVersus the beta process that started last month has resulted in several fixes and balancing of various characters, but a potential battle pass modification could connect two accounts and also make earning cosmetics a bit easier.


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AisulMV leaked two images from MultiVersus files suggesting that players will soon be able to find and request a Battle Pass partner, which includes several caveats to prevent abuse of the system. While battle pass progression will apparently be linked, one account can only be linked to one other account each season, which will prevent many fans from congregating on one account to reap the rewards of more dedicated players. The match pass with the least progression will match the others, which can encourage players who are further along MultiVersus battle pass levels to link to their lower level friends.

The supposed screenshot from MultiVersus shared by AisulMV says that a player with a premium battle pass will share progress with their battle pass partner, granting both fans mission rewards and XP. The new feature that could be coming to the platform claims that it will allow the connected players to “conquer the battle faster and share the rewards”, hinting at more evidence behind the rumored shared progression between two MultiVersus players. AisulMV stated in response to a Twitter user that they expect the changes coming to the battle pass content to be made with the release of season one.

Given how many match pass systems in live service games have resulted in some players not unlocking the full stream of seasonal content, this adjustment to MultiVersus‘ progression can ensure that more people are able to climb the 50 levels. Because there is still some confusion about how the two linked accounts will go through the premium battle pass unlocked in MultiVersus founder’s pack, some fans remain hopeful that only one player will have to purchase the premium teams, but others expect unpaid accounts to receive only free cosmetics. Because AisulMV’s leaks have not been confirmed by the developers, these details may change between now and then MultiVersus‘ official release or may not make it to the fighting game at all.

MultiVersus is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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