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Apex Legends is a battle royale game that encourages you to work together with two players as a squad, harnessing the strengths of the game’s characters. The many playable characters in Apex Legends each have their own unique abilities, and if you’ve chosen Pathfinder, you probably have an interest in finding the way forward for your squad. As a scout, it is your responsibility to use his various mobility options to discover enemy locations and strategic points of interest.

Keep reading for all the information you need on Pathfinder’s abilities, including his strengths and weaknesses, as well as tips on how to use him effectively and help your team to victory. You can also check out things Apex doesn’t tell you or a list of myths we’ve tested about how the game works. You might also want to check out our Apex Legends review.

Abilities and mobilities

Often you will find that a team’s path to success is made possible by a solid recon player. Pathfinder handles such a role in spades with abilities that provide beneficial information. His abilities can increase mobility and awareness of nearby enemies, so your responsibility as a Pathfinder is to serve your teammates and keep them informed of what’s happening on the battlefield.

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Pathfinder’s tactical ability is Iron hook, which can be used to quickly get to hard-to-reach places. It’s your best method to get a piece of land, and it can easily get you out of sticky situations.

Meanwhile, his passive ability Insider knowledge allows you to scan a survey beacon that will reveal the ring’s next location, while also reducing the cooldown of his ultimate ability by 10 seconds. Use this every time you see the survey mirror as it can greatly help you gain a positional advantage over the next team.

His mentioned ultimate ability is Zipline Gun, which creates a zipline that everyone can use, allowing your entire squad to reach areas that aren’t as easily accessible. Since it has a 2 minute recharge time, it should be used frequently for consistent repositioning.

Go and grab hook

The Grappling Hook is Pathfinder’s best and most loved feature, as it can get you to high ground for sniping or allow you to move quickly during firefights, allowing you to rethink how to engage an enemy. Learning how to use the grapple effectively means mastering the art of swinging over the top of enemy positions to land in perfect spots for flanking. You can also use it to completely confuse your opponents when they lose track of you.

Path finder
Path finder


Pathfinder’s ultimate ability is great for getting to high vantage points for sniping, and it allows your team to traverse long distances or flank enemies. It’s also great for creating escape routes, as you can set up a zipline leading away from enemies to prepare for an ambush, so if things don’t go your way, you can quickly reposition for healing or just run for it.

Ziplines are noisy, but they’re a lot faster than running, and you’re tougher to hit in the air than you are on the ground. Don’t be afraid to throw ziplines when you have them to help you quickly climb hills or pass buildings, even in a combat scenario, because the extra speed can be enough to get you out of the way.

Intel is important

The Insider Knowledge ability is pretty invaluable, and you should use it in every match as often as you can. It shows you where the next ring will be so you can plan your movements around the map. You can use this information to set yourself up in strong positions ahead of other teams, so you can wait when they arrive – ideally with high ground and a sniper.

Mobile aggression

In combat situations, try to stay up as much as you can – as a Pathfinder, verticality is an ability you have that other characters don’t. Appear on rooftops, slide from building to building, and generally use your mobility to get to places your enemies wouldn’t expect to see you. Smart players will try to get angles on opposing teams they’re not expecting, so while the rest of the team distracts them, you can appear on a nearby rooftop and lay down some useful gunfire. It’s a great way to rack up kills and knockdowns with hit-and-run tactics.

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