Steam is overhauling its mobile app

Years after its original release, Valve announces its plans to revamp the Steam mobile app, inviting users to join a beta test of it.

Steam is one of the leading platforms for buying and playing games on PC. Its years of experience in the field have given it an interface that most players can use with ease, and the platform offers more options that Origin and the Epic Games Store lack.

However, not every aspect of Steam’s platform is perfect. The mobile app has been available since the 2010s, and it hasn’t changed much since then. However, Valve has now announced that an overhaul of the Steam mobile app is in the works.


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In an announcement on its official site, Valve revealed that it is now beta testing a new Steam mobile app. The beta version is open to users using the current version of the app on either Android or iPhone. However, iPhone users may be restricted from joining the beta due to a 10,000 user limit put in place by Apple.

As with the previous iteration of the app, players can expect to be able to browse the store, accept trades and get codes for the Steam Guard functionality. It also adds the ability to log in by scanning a QR code displayed on your PC’s screen, updated and improved library reading and notifications, and the ability to use multiple accounts on the same device. Valve is asking that everyone joining the beta provide as much feedback as possible, and it’s also accepting suggestions from those who don’t have the app about what they’d like to see.

Currently, there is no information on when the app will be officially released. Presumably, Valve will continue to tinker with it until it gets to a place where everything works as it should and customer feedback is taken into account. At the moment, beta user opinions on the app seem to be mixed, with some claiming that it has improved loading and scrolling times and has a nice interface, and those saying that it has actually caused more lag and is confusing. Others have lamented that, at least for the time being, the chat service is not available through the app. Of course, adapting to a new app takes time, but some of these issues may be due to device compatibility or the fact that the app is still in beta.

While not everyone uses the mobile app or is interested in it, there is other good news for fans of Steam. The Steam Deck Q4 reservations are already sending out delivery confirmations in advance. With reservations having opened over a year ago now, many who have been waiting for a long time will finally get their hands on the mobile gaming device soon.

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