Super Punch-Out hidden multiplayer mode discovered nearly three decades later

28 years after Super Punch-Out was released on the SNES, a fan discovers a cheat code that activates a hidden multiplayer mode.

While not quite as well known or loved as the NES iteration, Super Punch Out is praised for being a colorful and detailed game that offers quite a challenge. It was originally released on the SNES in 1994, with the player taking on the World Video Boxing Association, or WVBA for short, as they aim for the championship title. About like Knock out on the NES, players take on a variety of cartoonish national stereotype boxers from around the world such as Little Mac.

Super Punch Out was added to the SNES NSO service, along with a number of other SNES games. A special Championship Edition was added earlier this year, where every single circuit and opponent would be available for players to beat at the start. Very recently, a cheat code i Super Punch Out was discovered unlocking a hidden multiplayer mode that went undiscovered for nearly three decades.


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This was discovered by Twitter user Unlisted Cheats, who specializes in finding cheats for a variety of games. In Super Punch-Out’s case, they were able to find a number of secret cheats that use the game’s two-button combinations. They note that two of these codes are well-known, unlocking Japanese name input and a sound test respectively. However, two more codes were revealed in their post, where holding the Y and R buttons and then pressing the A or start button will take players to a new menu. This allows players to select any character in the game and fight them in a free 1v1 match. The list of opponents even includes those found in the Special Circle.

They note that this mode is how the multiplayer mode can be accessed, which is where one player requires a second controller. The inputs themselves will not work unless the player is using the other controller as well. Once a player has selected their opponent, they must hold down the B and Y buttons on the character information screen, then press A or Start on the first player’s controller. After that is done, the CPU opponent enters Super Punch-Out can now be controlled by the other player.

Once gamers spotted this tweet, many went to try it out for themselves, with many confirming that these codes even work with the Nintendo Switch Online version. Fans noted that the second player had access to the same moves as the AI-controlled opponents, such as being able to regenerate health as Gabby Jay. Some theorize that this mode was probably for debugging purposes, or the developers were working on a multiplayer mode before dropping it, but it remained in the final release.

Super Punch Out!! is available via Nintendo Switch Online.

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