Talkies, astrology and reality TV with the band

Talkies, astrology and reality TV with the band

On a Christmas Eve in Chicago, Wallows fans sat patiently through the Midwestern humidity for five hours to catch the alt-rock band’s set at The Vic venue. The group hadn’t played a show since the first leg of their tour ended a few weeks before, but singer Dylan Minnette wasn’t stressed about their imminent return to the stage. However, he was worried about the next day’s set at Lollapalooza – their first time back at the festival in four years. “I’m nervous about tomorrow,” he told me, leaning against a tunnel wall under The Vic.

The band – made up of Minnette, drummer and guitarist Cole Preston, and vocalist and guitarist Braeden Lemasters – have been playing together for well over ten years, and friends even longer. Now, hot off the release of their second album, Tell me it’s over Wallows is ready to take his global tour. Below, Minnette, Preston and Lemasters discuss their love of hotel TV, discuss the inevitable return of skinny jeans, and (accidentally) reveal their unreleased tour stops.

You last played Lollapalooza in 2018. How does it feel to be back?

Dylan Minnette: Fantastic. I went last year just for fun and I knew we were playing this year when I was there and I couldn’t wait to be back. When I looked at all these sets I thought, “I can’t wait to be in one of these positions next year.”

Cole Preston: The stage we play, I remember we saw The Cure play.

Dylan: Tyler, The Creator in 2018 played the exact slot we do. I remember seeing it [thinking]”This is crazy.”

What do you think has changed the most about you as a group in these four years?

Cole: At that point we hadn’t really done the things that bands usually do. We hadn’t been through a big, proper tour; we hadn’t been through the process of releasing an album. It was the precursor to all the things we actually did.

Braeden Lemasters: Our styles changed. I saw a picture from that time today. We wore the craziest things.

What were you wearing?

Braeden A Hawaiian shirt tucked into Vans pants. It looked fun. Cole wore something similar.

Cole I’m wearing tight jeans. I don’t know if skinny jeans will ever come back into style.

Dylan: Oh, they will. Everything has a comeback.

You are touring your second album, Tell me it’s over. How did you go about creating something that felt fresh but still true to you?

Braeden: When the first album came out, we already had albums of the songs released, as singles and EPs. So it all just felt like a continuation, because all the songs are written at the same time, and we decide where they go. I wasn’t too scared of the second album just because it was our 58th song release. We’ve been a band for four years, this already feels like our fourth or fifth album.

Cole: What are 10 more songs? Whereas another band might say, “We’re doubling our discography right now.”

You’re about to embark on the next leg of your journey to 2023. Do you have any bucket list items?

Braeden: I want to drink wine and have pizza in Italy.

Cole: It was supposed to be on your birthday. But now we’re in Germany for your birthday, so we’ll have beer and sausages.

Braeden: Yes. And then Japan, obviously.

Cole: Going to Tokyo, I think we all agree. (To Minnette) Have you been to Tokyo?

Dylan: Yes, I have been to Tokyo. It hasn’t been announced, but it doesn’t matter if we say we will.

Cole: Oh, damn!

Dylan: Yes, we are coming to Asia and South America. We look forward to.

Now for the Culture Diet questions. How do you get your news?

Dylan: Twitter, of course. I actually just read that the house voted to ban assault rifles.

Cole: I have apple news so it will show me The Atlantic or Harper’s. I try to look at it, but otherwise it’s Twitter. It’s fast.

Braeden: I’m a bit more of an ancient news guy. I like learning about history.

Is it news?

Dylan: It’s news to him.

Braeden: I’m going to start a place called “Ancient News.” It will be recycled news for people who don’t know.

Dylan: So a museum without the artifacts, basically.

What’s the last thing you googled?

Dylan: I looked at the Lollapalooza schedule.

Cole: Mine is so boring. We programmed one of the keyboards, so I looked up how to make sound. Before that, I looked up the Mega Millions numbers.

Braeden: The Vampire Weekend set list from the Crystal Ballroom in Portland.

What books are on your bedside table right now?

Dylan: The four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Cole: I’m reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

What’s your go-to show for bingeing on the road?

Dylan: I was curious to see the new one Stranger Things season, so I finished season three and started season four on the road.

Cole: I feel like I’ve seen every episode of it Beat Bobby Flay at our hotels.

Braeden: Paranormal caught on camera. I see it in every hotel.

Dylan: You go to a hotel and put on weight Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

What song or album do you have on repeat right now?

Braeden: “Since You’re Gone” by The Cars.

Cole: I have played Bladee, 333.

Dylan: I brought in the new Beyonce album, Renaissance.

Do you remember the last movie you saw at the cinema?

Dylan: I saw Thor: Love and Thunder of myself.

Braeden: I saw no with these guys.

Dylan: It is, and I saw Bald Marcel with shoes onwhich was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

Do you believe in astrology and what are your signs?

Braeden: Aquarius – and what people say [about my sign] is sometimes true. I want to believe it. Life goes on.

Cole: I’m a Libra and do I believe it? You know, I don’t.

Dylan: I’m a Capricorn. I am indifferent to astrology. But I will say that just a few nights ago I watched Co-Star and it was scarily accurate. I thought, “I think I believe in astrology because this is freaky.”

Cole: I remember reading that since the original astrology chart was charted, the entire sky has shifted. So technically, if you were to invent astrology today, everyone’s sign would be different from what it was when it was first invented.

Braeden: I am curious as to who invented astrology.

You can look it up for “Ancient News”.

Cole: That would be news to all of us.

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