The 6 best travel bags from Bellroy to make traveling easier

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    If you’re a notorious overpacker like me, traveling with only one carry-on suitcase immediately invokes anxiety. However, with the latest airline turmoil, it is a much better option than arriving at your destination without your luggage. As I began to mentally prepare to pack just outfits I’m actually going to wear, I also started researching the best methods to maximize the smaller space.

    That’s when I discovered Bellroy, a travel product company that produces versatile stylish bags from sustainable materials. Since I tend to be a little hard on my bags and use them forever, I love that their products come with a 3 year warranty to cover the materials and craftsmanship. Many are also constructed with water-resistant material for added protection from travel elements and easy cleaning.

    I needed a new travel backpack to house my laptop and flight essentials. Additionally, since my upcoming trip will include both hiking and swimming, I wanted a couple of pack bags to bring with me. I found all of the above, plus a few extras, thanks to Bellroy! Here are my favorite Bellroy bag combinations to make your future carry-on much easier.

    Bellroy Transit Backpack Plus

    purchase now $299

    This stylish backpack is an absolute life saver that comes with my main carry-on suitcase. Everyone knows how frustrating it can be to be rushed through TSA while trying to pull your laptop out of your bag, along with taking off your shoes and keeping track of all your important documents. The Transit Backpack Plus has a padded quick-access pocket to keep your computer safe, plus a bunch of hidden external pockets for passports, tickets and even a water bottle. The interior includes a flat mesh pocket and compression straps to keep clothes organized and crease-free. The water-resistant and durable recycled Dura Nylon material ensures that this is a backpack that will be your travel partner for many years to come.

    TSA Carry-On Approved: Yes

    Capacity: 38L

    Color options: Nightsky, Black, Ranger Green

    Warranty: 3 years

    Bellroy Venture Sling

    purchase now $135

    Since my upcoming hikes are not expert level, I don’t expect to need a full backpack of supplies. That’s why I instantly fell in love with the Venture Sling! This bag sits flush on your back and has a wide shoulder strap that provides initial comfort for easy all-day use. The deceptively compact exterior hides the incredible amount of storage space inside. One can easily place a jacket in the main compartment, along with snacks, a mobile phone and a standard-sized water bottle. The harness also has front zippered pockets to house smaller items for quick access. Finally, it’s padded on the back and bottom so I can wander around without worrying about damaging the contents inside.

    TSA Carry-On Approved: Yes

    Capacity: 9L

    Color options: Midnight, Nightsky Navy, Basalt, Ranger Green, Bronze

    Warranty: 3 years

    Bellroy Weekender

    purchase now $269

    If you prefer a messenger-style bag to a backpack, the Bellroy Weekender is an excellent option. This 30L size can carry almost as much as the Transit Backpack Plus, but has carrying straps and a removable storage strap for optimal comfort. Like the backpack, the Weekender has a heavily padded laptop sleeve and plenty of external and internal organizational zip pockets. The water resistant bag is fitted with a ‘tool belt’ to ensure all pockets are zipped at the same height so nothing gets lost at the bottom. It lives up to its name and offers enough storage to be your main luggage for a weekend trip.

    TSA Carry-On Approved: Yes

    Capacity: 30L

    Color options: Black, Lunar

    Warranty: 3 years

    Bellroy Tokyo Totepack

    purchase now $189

    If you’re looking for something a little smaller but super functional, check out this water-resistant 20L Tokyo Totepack. This is the perfect bag to throw in your carry-on and use during your journey (or fill with souvenirs for the return flight)! When empty, it packs flat and is unassuming. However, the incredible amount of internal pockets (including a secure laptop sleeve), easily accessible front pockets and two pop pockets make it an easy transition to complement your hand luggage.

    TSA Carry-On Approved: Yes

    Capacity: 20L

    Color options: Marine, Limestone, Bronze, Slate,

    Warranty: 3 years

    Bellroy toiletries

    purchase now $55

    While researching my new travel bag companions, I stumbled across this chic toiletry folder set and realized it’s time to finally retire my existing 15-year-old toiletry folder (yikes). My existing bag is simply a zipper bag and makes it impossible to keep my toiletries organized while traveling. The Bellroy kit solves this annoying problem with multiple internal mesh pockets, allowing you to separate items and easily find them. It even has a toothbrush holder with a magnetic closure to prevent the bristles from touching anything unpleasant. The flexible, water-resistant bag is the perfect size to keep in your hand luggage.

    TSA Carry-On Approved: Yes

    Dimensions: 8.6″ x 5.1″ x 2.8″

    Color options: Black, bronze, navy, slate

    Warranty: 3 years

    Bellroy Small Tote

    purchase now $65

    This bag was a different me need for, despite not knowing I needed it in the first place. The Bellroy Lite Tote is such a great packable bag, easily rolled into a carry-on, for use when you arrive at your destination. This lightweight bag is so cute and versatile that I plan to use it as both a purse and a beach bag. One of my biggest gripes with regular beach bags is that they usually don’t have a closure, but the Lite Tote has a full-length zipper to protect the contents inside. It also includes an internal zipped pocket to safely store keys or travel documents. Plus, the outer ripstop material is made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles, so you can feel good about having an eco-friendly accessory!

    TSA Carry-On Approved: Yes

    Capacity: 15L

    Color options: Shade, copper, frost

    Warranty: 3 years

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