The health service was told the Child Transgenderism Clinic was “Unsafe” in 2019

An overseas health service was warned that Britain’s now infamous children’s transgenderism clinic in Tavistock was “unsafe” back in 2019.

Ireland’s socialized health service, the HSE, was warned back in 2019 that children were being exposed to “unsafe” practices by the UK government’s Tavistock Children’s Transgenderism Clinic.

The revelation comes shortly after British officials announced they were closing the service because of a report that found the clinic was not “a safe or viable long-term option”.

According to a report from Irish independentthese findings echo the opinions of some Irish medical experts, who expressed concern about the NHS clinic – to which the Irish civil service often discharged children – as far back as 2019.

Documents seen by the publication claim that at a meeting held on 20 March 2019, medics discussed the “unsafe service” Tavistock provided at a children’s hospital in Dublin, with a medic present at the meeting, Dr Paul Moran of Ireland’s National Gender Service, and claimed that he and other doctors recommended that the use of the clinic “should be terminated with immediate effect”.

In particular, Dr Moran argued that while Ireland’s adult service was developed with psychiatry as the central component, the UK children’s service favored a non-psychiatric model that did not adequately question children.

The psychiatrist has since written to a senior member of the health service following the UK inquiry into the service, describing it as a “watershed moment” in the scandal.

Talking to Irish independentDr Moran described his experience of dealing with adults who had been through Tavistock as children, and said the National Gender Service for adults sometimes had to work to help those “left in a heap” by the UK clinic.

“There was this total focus on blockers and hormones, but the bigger issues that were pressing in their lives were being ignored,” he told the publication. “When they came to us, they often sat in their rooms for a couple of years and hurt themselves.”

“Tavistock had a very narrow approach, because they didn’t have the clinical skill or the mix of professions, they become a very ideologically driven service,” he also claimed, saying he now expects a significant number of children who attended the clinic to end up with regretting the transition.

Dr. Moran also noted a rapid increase in the number of children with autism presenting to specialists as transgender, an increase from about 20 percent of cases five years ago to as many as 90 percent of cases today, according to the expert.

While National Gender Service psychiatrists are now pushing for the HSE to integrate children suffering from gender dysphoria into a single psychiatry-based service with adults, Dr Moran appears to believe Ireland’s medical service is likely to make similar mistakes in its treatment of children in the future, with the doctor saying there is a significant ideological component to treatment policy.

To make matters worse, the HSE will even reportedly continue to use Tavistock to treat children experiencing issues with their gender apparently until it is shut down by the UK government, with it announced that the health service will continue to send minors to the clinic in 2023 despite being officially described as unsafe.

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