Two Point Campus – How to make money fast

At Two Point Campus, perhaps as in real life, money is what education is all about. Students pay school fees and in return receive the skills they need to repay their loans. To earn that money at Two Point Campus, you need to flex your leadership skills. Manage your money, avoid bloat and find more ways to increase your income. Or just take some tips from this guide. We’ll get you on the right track to push students for all they’re worth. This is how you make money quickly and efficiently at Two Point Campus.

Start by focusing on your courses

I don’t care how many vending machines you knock down, they’re not even going to hurt your bottom line. The real money maker is always going to be your courses. Not only do they bring in instruction, but it’s also what your students show up for. If you don’t focus on your courses, no one is going to rent your dorms or level up to give you an XP bonus.