Under the Waves is the next game from Quantic Dream

It’s been a while since Quantic Dream fans have seen a new game come from the studio. Detroit: Become HumanQuantic Dream’s latest release, launched back in 2018. Quantic Dream’s Star Wars The game has since been revealed, but it’s still quite far from release, and fans are hoping for more in the near future.

During Gamescom’s Opening Night, Quantic Dream revealed a new game under its umbrella that will launch surprisingly soon. Under the waves is published by Quantic Dream and is due to launch next year.


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Under the wavesThe reveal trailer introduces Stan, an undersea explorer set in a “techno-futuristic” version of the 1970s, discovering wrecks deep underwater. Stan can be seen driving a submersible vehicle and diving through submerged structures, at one point standing in the middle of what appears to be an abandoned street, long flooded. Although the game will feature exploration and crafting, the story focuses heavily on the emotional struggles of grief and self-isolation as a coping mechanism.

There is a strong sense of loneliness in the trailer, which is expressed by the main character in the voice-over. The only other humanoid figure seen resembles a hologram or ghost; otherwise sea creatures seem to be the only life around. It is not entirely clear why Stan is doing this, or what he hopes to find. What is known, however, is that indie developer Parallel Studio is using Quantic Dream’s suite of tools and technology to bring the game to life. While the game’s main character doesn’t have the photorealistic look that Quantic Dream usually portrays, the capacity for realistic animation and emotion should be there.

Quantic Dream also collaborates with the Surfrider Foundation Europe, which is dedicated to ocean conservation. Given the current risks the ocean faces with severe pollution from microplastics, acidification, and concerns about rising sea levels, it will be interesting to see how the game tackles a personal emotional struggle while also including an environmental message. However, it still leaves many unanswered questions about Stan’s case and what has caused his grief.

Under the waves doesn’t yet have a solid release date, but it’s set to launch sometime in 2023. PC gamers may be happy to hear that the game will be available on both the Epic Games Store and Steam, and while the game’s environment looks pretty impressive visually, the game will be available on both last-gen and current-gen consoles.

Under the waves coming out in 2023 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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